Following the Wizard – Update

It was ten years ago when a local newspaper published this article about me, using words that I’d approved but changing the approved title from, “Introducing an Emerging Artist”, to “Woman makes leap from corporate world to full-time artist”.  Ack!  What was actually happening was that I was painting full time…..while on maternity leave with our first daughter.  The title seemed like a bit of a stretch!  Plus I had to call my current employer and do a bit of damage control.  🙂

But they were more prescient than I knew.  A decade later I still have one foot firmly rooted in my own business (an engineering company), but more than half my time now is spent doing what I truly love: either painting, or introducing others to the joy of it!

It’s now been a year since I made art a part-time gig, so last night I sat down with info from my accountant and took stock.  Is the gamble paying off for us?  I was shocked to find that there is only a thousand dollar difference between my 2016 earnings and this year’s.  In the positive!

So what else has changed in my life?

  • Less Stress: I work just as many hours, but it doesn’t feel like work – it’s constant play time!
  • More time with my girls:  They have my full attention now.  Even if I’m working in the studio, they grab brushes and paint along-side – we play together.
  • Internal Alignment: Man, was my art ever angry for the decade that I shoved it aside to make a living!  Now it doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with it’s engineering sibling – they just want equal attention from mom.
  • More time for service:  I’ve been volunteering at the local Public Gallery for a few years now, but have been able to add in contribution to a Public Art Committee for my town, teaching at a local artists’ guild, volunteering for my girls’ schools, and contributing to some public cultural events.  There is true catharsis in giving time to something bigger than me!

I called this blog “The Wizard’s Way” after Deepak Chopra’s theory that we all have an inner wizard guiding us along the right path – providing we choose to listen.  I have no idea where my wizard is taking me, but life has gotten pretty exciting along the way!

Where is your wizard taking you?


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