Following the Wizard

Deepak Chopra talks about the Wizard – that’s his name for the inner voice guiding you to do what you’re supposed to be doing.  In my language, that would be the voice that I was ignoring for a few years while I “invested in my life”.  Ha.

So when I was invited to join the Ontario Plein Air Society Competition in August this year, I knew it was time to listen to that inner Wizard.  It really, really wanted me to go and try.  My mind had other thoughts: you’re too busy.  You’ll be too exhausted (I was working 3 hours from my home until late the night before!).   Your plein air work is not good enough, yet.

But I knew it was time to give the Wizard some respect.  Early that morning I found my spot: a beautiful pond where the only sounds came from toads plopping into the water, and turtles sunning themselves.  There was a boiling, moody sky and I knew I wanted to capture it.

For the next three hours my challenge was to quiet my mind and give the Wizard his due.

I was surprised in the end to find a painting that really captured the mood of the day. And I was honoured to win an award in the event!  So, perhaps the Wizard knows more than the mind, after all.

What is your Wizard telling you?




I was honoured to receive 3rd place in the Ontario Plein Air Society Competition, August 19th 2017 in Norval Ontario, for “the Wizard’s Way”. 

My sincere thanks go out to:

  • OPAS: For supporting this event
  • Judy Daley, Helson Gallery Curator: for creating a wonderful event for us artists!  
  • Neville Clarke: Juror, and an incredible artist – thank you for your comments and encouragement!

The Wizard's Way August 19 2017

The Wizard’s Way, 10″x12″ Oil on Canvas (Plein Air), 2017

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