Gearing up for Tomorrow’s (Full!) Workshop: Plein Air 1

Painting outside (plein air) has some unique challenges, to say the least.  Plein air painters deal with hot and cold and wind, rain and snow, but even if you hit on perfect weather, there’s the light to deal with.  Shadows travel across the landscape.  The sky moves from bright and blue to warm and grey in the space of minutes.  For painters, the big challenge is keeping a cohesive image on the canvas in spite of all the chaos happening in a peaceful natural environment!

So for tomorrow’s workshop, we’ll keep it real and warm indoors.  We’ll work from photographs and focus on some important skills for beginner plein air painters:

– How do I produce a complete painting in under three hours?

– What factors should I consider in my composition?

– What colours do I need to have on my palette?

The image above, “Fall Impression 1″, is a 16″ x 20” oil I completed in 90 minutes.  In tomorrow’s session I’ll make “Fall Impression 2”, and demo how this was done.

Looking forward to it!



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