Her Spirit Will Remember

When the girls were really little – like, six months old and two and a half, I took them way way up north in Ontario to the land where my mom grew up: Dryden.  Dryden is 24 hours by car north of Toronto and I drove them the whole way – my mom along for the ride (beautiful!) and for my sanity (needed!).

We went to stay with my aunt for a few weeks, in her beautiful home on the lake in this Northern wilderness.  Mike, my husband, flew up to join us for a few days and it meant so much to me to have us all together, and to introduce my kids to this land that was a huge part of my youth.

I snapped a pic of Mike and Maya on the dock one evening, knowing in the moment that I was excited for things to come in life, and also mourning this moment even as I stood in it.

It took a few years for the painting to solidify in my mind and come out, and this is the result.  It’s a painting of my memory of the moment – the old, worn and loved photograph that it has become in my mind.

I call it “Her Spirit will Remember” because she was too young to remember the details (although, she’s now 8 and she still does!) but I hope that she will carry the north – and this intimate moment with her Dad – with her always.


Her Spirit Will Remember 2012

Her Spirit Will Remember, 10″x12″ Oil on Masonite, 2012


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