Tomorrow Will be Bright

Sometimes life seems to pile everything on you at once.  This was the case for my client in Toronto over the past couple of years.  She’s been through the limit of what humans should have to experience not once – but over and over again.

She was at the point where she wanted a daily reminder of the good things in her life, so came to me about a painting to go over her bed.  One that would remind her of a beautiful place with cherished friends.  Her choice was a sunset view from a friend’s cottage east of the city.

For a style, she wanted lots of abstraction and colours!

I love the sunset metaphor for her, because in spite of it all she continues to put out her own rays of sunshine.  She’s still there for her friends, her family, and those who need her.

It’s a law of nature that those rays will reflect around – and bounce back.

Karmic Reflection Small

Karmic Reflection, 30″x50″ Oil on Canvas, 2017

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