Art Booms in Music City!

Painting has always been my first love, but I grew up in a heavy music household – with a grandmother who was a concert pianist in Poland, to an opera-singing Aunt, a tenor soloist father, a Mom who fills our house with Chopin, and a Sis who plays a mean guitar.  I’ve also been known to make some classical masters roll over in their graves – ha!

So we were thrilled to head down to Nashville to celebrate Mom’s 70th this weekend.  The music blew us away – way beyond expectations.  But we were surprised to see that same creativity spilling over into all other aspects of life: creative clothing, food, and tons of public art were around every corner.

Amanda Perer’s “Intrude” was a delight to see in Cheekwood – and if you’re local, you can catch it until the end of this month.   We made a great day of it with a stroll around the mansion and gardens, cocktails, and live jazz as the sun went down.  Beautiful!

Around town, Nashville has a push for creative murals.  Subject matter varied, but with a definite emphasis on Nashville’s fun and upbeat vibe!


I particularly loved these two murals that invited visitors to take selfies – both complete with the name of the artist and associated hashtags.  Smart idea.

Finally, I loved these two installations, both creating a great sense of place out of random corners.  Are these arrows not the coolest bike racks ever?

Have you seen great public art around your wanderings?  Share your pics below – I’d love to see what you’ve come across!




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