Connecting with Elora en Plein Air

This past week brought over 70 artists to the wee (28,000 people), incredibly picturesque town of Elora, Ontario, for a few days of intense painting on location, followed by a gallery show and sale over the weekend.


It was the first time I’ve ever attempted multiple plein air paintings (meaning, paintings done on location from life) in one day – and I loved getting into “the zone” somewhere mid-way through my first painting, and staying there through the next one!

Here’s what I came up with!

The Little Red Barn on the Way Into Town

I pulled up at the side of the road as soon as I noticed this charming location.  John Sinclair, the owner, popped by a few times to check on my progress and to chat – which is one of the great joys of painting outside the studio!

Little Red Barn May 2018

The Little Red Barn on the Way into Town, 11×14 Oil on archival panel, Available here.

Gone Fishing

This was a One Hour Quick-Paint on a rainy, foggy day.  I hope you can hear the gurgling waterfall and see those fly-fishing lures flinging when you look at the painting!

Gone Fishing May 2018

Gone Fishing, 8×10 Oil on archival panel, Available here (discounted – one hour paint time means this is not as detailed as my other works)

Life’s Work

I knew I had to paint this granary as soon as I saw it from the road.  The colours I captured are real!

I set up on the silo’s front lawn to paint, with mid-afternoon sun beating down and sweat dripping.  The next day I binge-watched Netflix and nursed a sunstroke hangover – the hazards of plain air!  But it was worth it for the painting, and for the chat I had with the granary Manager, Cliff.  The granary has been in his family since 1953, and Cliff is close to retirement and concerned that the granary may not survive into the future.  A shame – it oozed heart and character and I could tell it had been loved, not to mention the loss of yet another Ontario farm business.

In honour of Cliff’s lifelong connection to the place, I’ve titled it “Life’s Work”.

Lifes Work May 2018

Life’s Work, 8×10 Oil on archival panel, SOLD

The people I didn’t get a chance to meet were the approximately other artists who participated in the event!  I sort of popped in, dropped off paintings, and went home to be with my little ones in the evenings.  Next year I’ll plan better and keep this week open for art – there were some amazing paintings created during the festival and I look forward to meeting their creators one day!

Your happy and burnt,


PS – My next Plein Air workshop happens over two Sundays: June 3 and June 10.  We’ll be going outside to capture the charm of Norval, Ontario.  Shoot me an email if you’d like to join!


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