20 Thank-Yous for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, so with coffee in hand, and the girls occupied decorating the house (wow -yay!), I have a moment to reflect on the last year and all the goodness that has come into my life.

  1. Our two happy girls
  2. Mike – my hubby who excels at work, loves taking care of our girls, and does chores, too!
  3. Family trips this past year (New Orleans, Nashville, Ottawa, Mt. Tremblant, San Diego, Connecticut, and Barrie!)
  4. More vacation plans to look forward to
  5. Being able to share what I’ve picked up along the way
  6. Having the space to dream
  7. My wonderful extended family, and how much I love our daily conversations!
  8. Enduring good health – for all
  9. Seeing the sun every day (often impossible in my past life!)
  10. Finally finding a way to strengthen my c-section tummy
  11. Fresh veggies in our garden
  12. Good friends, and the many people I met this past year on the art side of life
  13. Fantastic energy – and people! – in my art studio
  14. Waking up excited every day
  15. Our local conservation areas – hiking, swimming, painting and cycling
  16. Momentum in my art career
  17. Deadline pressure – I have to paint!  🙂
  18. Finding rewarding volunteer work – and having the time to do it
  19. My blog readers and Instagram followers – you’re all new to my life and remind me to keep going!
  20. And – hugely – the many people who have supported my art this year!!

I want to send specific thanks to some special people in #20 – those who’ve helped me to follow my inner calling and “Walk the Wizard’s Way” this year: Mike, Leslie, Marnie, Sheila, Judy, Carolyn, Teri and Gary, Rosemary, Tammy, Kathie, Doreen, Gwen, and Andrew.  Love you guys.

Angkor Wat Sunrise - by Christy Michalak
The sun rising at Angkor Wat last September, where I spent some time meditating and envisioning how this year would go. We made it happen!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!



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