A funny thing happened to me a month or so ago.  I took my big, black, corporate looking SUV over to a neighbouring town, where there was a gorgeous horse farm I remembered from childhood.  When I got there the clouds were billowing (hurricane Florence was raging a few hundred kilometres south of us), the fall grasses were blowing, and a kind-looking woman was out for her daily walk.

A Road Not Taken
A Road Not Taken 11×14 Oil on Canvas By Christy Michalak, Canada, 2018

I slowed my car down to a creep and followed behind her while I tried to figure out which location to paint.  Until it dawned on me that I was probably scaring the bejeepers out of her!  Imagine those slowly creeping tinted windows!

I jumped out and let her know not to worry – I’m an artist – and I’m just here doing my thing.  She surprised me.  She is ALSO an artist.  And her name is also Christy.

Long story short, I ended up at her house viewing her amazing flower paintings, and have spent a few afternoons there by her fireplace (and under her blingy disco-ball), painting up a storm together.

Her home is a thing to behold – a mid-1800’s farm house decked out by a stage actress, artist, and singer (Christy still talks about her days at Roy Thompson Hall!).  And her yard  lives up to the inside magic.

Here’s a portrait of Christy’s beloved black walnut tree.  It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen – for sure dwarfing the others in town.  I felt that it deserved a level of respect, so I placed the viewer below, looking up into its towering branches.

I call it Witness.

Witness 11×14 Oil on Panel by Christy Michalak, Canada, 2018



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