Happy Valentine’s Day!

As an artist, I spend a lot of time alone.  Whether at my easel, outside in a farmer’s field or on a rocky cliff, or in my own head while I outwardly seem to be doing other things (making dinner for me really means painting…!).  All of these places are great places to be.

But in reality, there are a lot of people supporting me to do this.

So, to my Valentines:

  • Mike, for letting me follow this passion to my heart’s content, and even encouraging me to take off to remote places to follow mentors while he stays with the girls.  Also for making flowers randomly appear on our kitchen table (the ones above were painted on this day a year ago!).
  • My Mom and Aunt and Sis, who’ve had unfailing art encouragement for me since childhood – but will also tell me what’s wrong without holding back any punches.  Your opinions are so valuable to me!
  • My two little girls, who always have the sweetest things to say, and hugs that can kill frustration in an instant.
  • My students and painting friends: sharing in your triumphs, whether baby steps or finished paintings, is always a thrill.  And the surprising side effect of teaching is that I’ve met some really fabulous people.  You know who you are – hugs!

And to everyone reading this blog, it’s magical that you’re out there.  Thanks for joining me on the journey!



Valentine's Roses, by Christy Michalak 2017
Valentine’s Roses, by Christy Michalak 2017



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