Milan's Duomo

I’m an artist at heart, and like most artists, I’m intensely curious about the world.  This led me to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.  I began my career designing cars by day and feeding my soul by night at the Toronto School of Art.

But 17 years in I found myself in a global marketing position for an aerospace company, with intense and exciting, but all-consuming work.  There was very little time left over for family (we now have two little girls!), and especially not for art.  I was at a point in my career where no matter what role I took, it would consume my conscious hours – and more.

So I took a leap.   In 2017 I incorporated and started an engineering consulting business, where I spend less than half my time.   The other half is spent with my kids, my new art students (thank you, #youknowwhoyouare!), and my paint brushes.

It’s a scary thing, moving from a stable income to significant risk.  But it feels right.  A friend once told me that alignment = happiness, and I think she nailed it.

Join me on this journey, and I hope I can share with you some of the delightful things I find in art, some tips from my studio, and maybe even inspire you to follow your own inner wizard.

Yours in paint – and now words, too!

Christy Michalak


Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada

May 2018